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Kitchen Style Guide

For many households, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home, we offer different kitchen styles to fit your perfect dream kitchen.

From cottage to contemporary, select a style that suits your tastes and lifestyle best and we will realize your dream.

 Urban Contemporary


In this style you will take the modern design to the next level by often incorporating smooth metals with semi or high gloss finishes. Current urban contemporary looks will be designed with a very open space in mind and often try to include many of today’s best offerings of green products such as recycled glass countertops. There are no limitations in this style, from metal countertops to curved doors to the shiniest of finishes for this is the style that we make the unthought-of…thought-of.

Modern Cottage


In this style we bring together all the elements of your current cottage trends and clean it up with simple colors and straight lines. The inset shaker door painted with no imperfections matched with a clean colored Quartz product with a flat polished edge is a perfect way to go in creating this look.



The craftsman kitchen design takes us to the northwest to states like Oregon and Washington and Montana. Here we will find a woodsy appeal coupled with straight lines, with little imperfection. Natural wood finishes are the way to go here mixed with simple but predominant moldings. Butcher block tops and earthy colored granites are a great match for this style. When picking a door style, steer toward a door with a wider style and rail and a square center panel and a simple profile. I prefere to see a wide style shaker with an added center style, this will give the perfect look to create your authentic craftsman design.



The cottage style of kitchen design conjures up images of a room light and airy, charming and casual. The breezy, uncomplicated feel one finds in a summer cottage. Cottages evoke seaside vacations, a countryside locale, or a cabin in the mountains. Here you will often find exposed beams and carful use of color. The mood is always relaxed, unassuming, and casual. Simplification is the prominent feature of the cottage style of kitchen design.

French Country


French Country is the most ornate of the country styles, French country cabinets make heavy use of ornamental detail: carved doors, crown moldings, elegant corbels and other fancy millwork, as well as artistic wrought iron accessories. The style is often combined with brick or other cultured stone work. The wood itself tends to rich, light tones and natural finishes, often with a warm glaze, and the beautiful cabinets are often the first thing about the kitchen to catch the eye.



It’s no surprise that so many people think “country” when they’re planning their new kitchen. Country kitchens are warm, cozy, and welcoming, often the focal point of dayto- day life. They often bring together eclectic elements that seem to have been acquired piecemeal over generations. They also tend to be practical, work-friendly, and stand up under daily wear and tear.

Within the broad category of country kitchens, there are several fairly distinct styles. Some features are often found across the spectrum from “casual country” to “formal country”: white, ivory and light colors, often with a glaze (or “antiquing,” as it used to be called) to give the impression of age, and natural wood tones; cabinets tend to be more ornate and furniture-like than some other styles, even to the point of resting on furnituretype feet, and feature handcrafted detail. But as you look at different offerings in catalogs and showrooms, you’ll see subtle and not-so-subtle differences according to the regional look and general mood the designer was after.



From the architectural embellishments to kitchen lighting and finishing touches, all the elements of a traditional kitchen design should work together. Distinguished, elegant and well-balanced” describes the traditional kitchen, which is why it is one of the most popular looks in today’s homes. The traditional-style kitchen combines elements of European and American 18th- and early 19th-century designs. In this style, choose cherry or mahogany wood cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets crafted from these types of hardwood can have a clear finish or can be glazed to achieve an aged look. Today, offwhite colored cabinets in an antiqued finish seem to be taking center stage. Soft off-white colors brighten up the kitchen, and an antiqued finish contributes to a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Kitchen-cabinet details such as fluted pilasters, wood trim created with decorative panel molding, corner blocks with hand-carved rosettes and embellished wood crown molding distinguish traditional kitchen design. For the cabinets’ door style, raised panels are the most popular. A countertop of marble or granite fits well into a traditional setting. Corbels and brackets should not be looked at as merely functional kitchen hardware. Very popular in traditional kitchens, these embellishments are used widely for decorative purposes as well as for kitchen-countertop support or under the kitchen range hood.

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