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Feather Sound Design Build

From cutting-edge kitchens to ample bathing areas, Urban Project Management can handle all of your remodeling goals with our incomparable design-build service in Feather Sound. We are one of the top design companies in Chicagoland because of our award-winning design team, thorough approach to project management, and attentive customer service. 

Boasting over years in business, our crew has completed numerous unique kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodels throughout the Feather Sound community. Our focus is offering a tailored experience to every homeowner we partner with.

What Does Design Build Mean?

Urban Project Management tries to make it straightforward and convenient to remodel your home using a turnkey process. 

With a turnkey renovation, an Urban Project Management designer will fulfill the role of project coordinator and assist you with setting up each stage of the remodel. This consists of planning out the floor plan, picking out building material options, and choosing from our range of paint colors and hardware options.

After you’ve made your selections, your project manager will source premium building materials from reputable suppliers. 

Finally, we’ll hire trustworthy contractors and manage them for the project’s duration. You can feel confident that we’ll make sure each step of the project is done within the agreed-upon timeline and budget. 

Urban Project Management’s Design-Build Process

Showroom Visit & Design Consultation

Have a meeting with a member of our design staff to discuss your project vision and practical requirements. We’ll create a draft of your space including specific details like the room layout and important elements of the overall design. 

We’ll also set the project’s key parameters such as the budget and timeline. 

Design Presentation 

After doing in-home measurements, we’ll complete the design and share it with you. Following the review, we’ll make adjustments based on your feedback to make sure you’re satisfied with the finished plan. After we have your blessing, we’ll commence the building stage of the project. 

Construction Stage

We’ll furnish you with a clear-cut construction schedule in addition to persistent updates. While we work, we’ll be considerate of your home and do our best to account for your requests like pets, allergies, and loud noises.

Completing the Project

When the project approaches its resolution, we’ll set aside a few minutes to demonstrate the new features and fill you in on care, operation, and maintenance. Additionally, we will recap details related to product warranties and workmanship warranties if needed.

How Much Does a Custom Remodel Cost? 

No two renovations are alike, but we’ll strive to help you secure the best possible price for the superior level of services and products you can depend on from Urban Project Management.

We carry a range of options for each of our products like cabinets, light fixtures, sinks, countertops, and more. During the design and consultation step, we’ll give you a remodeling design and a fixed price before the construction stage begins.

Best Design Builders in Feather Sound

When you work with Urban Project Management, you can have confidence that you’ll get results you’re truly thrilled with. Since we were first established in 2007, Urban Project Management has been the #1 design-build studio in Chicagoland because we pair an award-winning design team with turnkey project management service and exceptional design work.

When you’d like to arrange your design consultation, simply call our headquarters at 727-424-7602, send over the quick form on our website, or visit us in-person our showrooms in Chicagoland. 

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